Crews continue to work on the rebirth of Battle Creek's old Fire Station Number 4, soon to be the Fire Hub restaurant/food pantry. The facility is the brainchild of FireKeepers Casino Vice President Mike McFarlen, whose enthusiasm for the project sold FireKeepers administrators, who have pledged financial backing for the remodeling currently underway.

McFarlen tells 95.3 WBCK he hopes the new Fire Hub will be open for business this spring, possibly as early as mid-to-late April.

Click the player below for part two of our sneak peek inside as work continues on the Fire Hub! McFarlen guides us through his vision, which goes along with the artists concept shown above. When you do, you will also get an idea of the size of the Fire Hub's new pizza oven - which came all the way from Italy and bakes a thin-crust pizza in 2 minutes!

Scroll down further and see Fire Station Number 4 on the day in May, 2016 when the project was announced, before renovations began.

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