A new fundraising effort is underway to help feed the hungry in Battle Creek.

Pastor William Stein, a local philanthropist behind the organizations CALTRAN and God's Kitchen, appeared on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Nico Berrios to discuss CALTRAN's "Battle Creek Cares" fundraiser. The goal of the fundraiser is to gather $220,000 to buy a food truck.

This food truck, the first of potentially many, would go to the areas of greatest need in Battle Creek and provide meals on weekday nights. The $220k goal includes the cost of the truck, making sure it meets health code requirements, as well as the cost of logoing the truck and buying the actual food for it.

Pastor Stein says that he also presented a request to the Battle Creek City Commission, for a $220,000 grant to cover the cost of a food truck. He says he met one-on-one with Mayor Mark Behnke on this issue.

To donate, you can click the following link. To hear the full discussion, click the player above.


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