You've heard of this before, someone pays for the next person's order in the drive-thru line. A similar tradition exists on Michigan's Mackinac Bridge.

The iconic structure that connects the Upper and Lower Peninsulas is a toll bridge with booths on the north foot of the bridge in St. Ignace. There's a tradition among travelers to pay the toll of the person behind them.

The following story was shared on the excellent You're Not "Up North" Until You Cross the Mackinac Bridge Facebook page:

Thank you to the nice young lady in the red car that paid for our trip across the bridge today. We also paid it forward and took care of the truck behind us....I make this trip quite often. I have paid for others but have to say this is the first time someone did for me.

That brought out plenty of of similar stories

That happened to us the last time we crossed!


My mother n law does that every time she crosses the bridge..if anything she says it brings a smile to there face


Great tradition! We always pay for the vehicle behind us!


Someone did this for us.... it was a wonderful start to our over the bridge adventure.

If you're looking to pay it forward on your next trip over the bridge, the current toll rate is $4 per car. Here's a thought that pretty well sums it all up: Going to the U.P. brings out the best in people. Ain't that the truth.

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