Pennfield High School Basketball Coach Steve Grimes has resigned.  Grimes was at the help in Pennfield for eight years.

"I just think it's time. I have coached for 28 years overall and most of those years it has been two or three sports, so I just thought it was time.  My coaching career has been great, and I don't want this to be a bitter announcement, but that was a heckuva deal that happened last year.”

Grimes was fired last year, but was brought back to the job because of the support of the community. Pennfield Athletic Director Brett Steele said the process has already begun to look for a replacement.

"I have been coaching a long time. And I'm not saying I am closing the door on coaching forever, but just thought it was time to step down as the Pennfield boys coach at this time."

Grimes is the second head coach to step down this spring.  St. Philip coach Dino English called it quits in late April.


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