Now that Michigan voters have said "Yes" to the recreational use of marijuana, some communities can't wait to get commercial outlets up and running.  Others are adopting a "wait and see" policy, and Pennfield Township may the the latest to join the more cautious group.   Pennfield Township Supervisor Dave Morgan was a guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins on Friday.   Morgan says the Township Board will vote Tuesday on whether to put the brakes on any marijuana businesses in the Pennfield.

Morgan says the ordinance being considered is a 6-month moratorium that could be renewed if the board deems it necessary.   He says the recreational marijuana issue is different than medical marijuana.  He says the moratorium automatically exists for medical marijuana, and a township or city need not take any action.  But he says the board would need to act to delay marijuana businesses from coming into the township under the new law.

Morgan notes that the township vote on Prop 1 was close with 53% in favor.   He says they are putting together a public forum to hear what Pennfield Township residents think about marijuana storefronts and/or growing operations. Morgan says he hopes to hold the forum either in late January or early February.  He says he's inviting experts from MSU, as well as Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton and prosecutor Dave Gilbert.  He says they'll invite speakers on both sides of the issue and maybe do a straw vote among the citizens.

Morgan says one business that is coming to Pennfield Township soon is a Bigby Coffee.

He also talked about the make-up of the Township Board, as well as how they handle police and fire services.


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