I am still amazed after all of the examples of at best a government that is so large it cannot work effectively and efficiently or just complete incompetence.

One of the agencies that is thrown around like a political football each election cycle is Social Security.  For many it is their monetary security in old age.  Because of that we should demand that our government protect that agency and more importantly the tax dollars that are deposited in their coffers and then immediately lent out to other government programs.

The Washington Free Beacon now informs us of the squandering of those Social Security taxes.  Prisoners in the California system have been illegally collecting Social Security benefits to the tune of $3.5 million dollars.  That is $3.5 million dollars that could have went to people who legitimately need them.

The inspector general for the Social Security agency has reported 123 California inmates who have received disability and retirement payments despite the fact that the Social Security Act prohibits payments to individuals "confined to a jail, prison, or certain other public institutions for committing a crime."

This is just another example thrown on top of the mountain of examples of waste, fraud and abuse committed by our federal government every year.

As I stated above perhaps it is not incompetence but all of these examples of waste, fraud and abuse are caused by our government just too large and they have their hands and our taxes in just too many pockets and pots.  If “we the people” were too demand a more lean and efficient government the good people who work in government could do their jobs better and stop these acts of waste, fraud and abuse.

Or perhaps it is just some people who do not care because it is not their money or they are just incompetent.

Let us demand that our elected officials get out of the business of everything else they are not given power to under our Constitution.

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