Well, well, well what an interesting tangled web we weave, and by “we” I mean a Michigan union.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting about a decision The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled 2-1 that:

the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 58 violated the rights of members by requiring them to present photo IDs to resign their membership

The ruling was passed on a 2 – 1 vote.  In the ruling the NLRB stated:

The challenged policy communicates the Union’s intention to make resignation more difficult for members than it had been, and it imposes a significant burden on union members who wish to exercise that right.  The Board has also long held that a union’s mere maintenance of a rule restricting member resignations is unlawful

The case was brought by a worker at Croswell-based Paramount Industries.  The employee objected to new rules which the Union adopted due to Michigan’s right to work law.  The law prevents Michigan companies from making union membership a condition of their employment.

The tangled web I referenced above relates to the Union’s disapproval of voter identification laws,

An attorney with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Glenn Taubman, believes that the majority ruling by the NLRB upheld decades of precedent in labor law.  Mr. Taubman stated in the article that:

The union’s policy was a clear attempt to undermine the right to work law, Liberals hate photo IDs when it comes to voting, but they tried to impose that same scheme here to thwart resignations and the right to work

Is it not fair to ask why the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 58 believes that requesting a photo ID to vote is wrong and disenfranchises a citizen but asking for a photo ID when it comes to withdrawing from their union is appropriate?

Apparently what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

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