Social distancing has never looked so good. (UPDATED: July 21, 2020)

When the pandemic started hitting Michigan in late March terms like 'stay home order' and 'social distancing' became a part of everyone's daily lives.  As the sunshine and warm weather hit, it didn't do much to relieve seasonal depression since many of us could not go anywhere.  There is, however, a Michigan resource that is a game-changer.  Public waterways.

Kayaking in Michigan is like a drug.  Nobody goes out for a paddle just once in these beautiful lakes, rivers, and creeks.  Especially now that social distancing is so important to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

I asked the facebook community "Michigan River Rats Paddle Club" to share beautiful and relaxing photographs that they have taken while kayaking in the mitten.  Warning: if you don't have a kayak, you're probably going to buy one after scrolling through these photos.

Kayaking in Michigan 2020

A huge thanks to everyone that shared their kayaking pictures with us.  We'll frequently update the photo gallery above as more pics are shared with us.

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