David A. Kallman has over 30 years of litigation experience with over 300 trials. His experience includes constitutional law, administrative law, church-state relations, homeschooling and education law, etc.

David has recently taken on a new client, that client is Karl Manke from Karl Manke’s Barber & Beauty on Main Street in Owosso Michigan. Karl is in trouble with the state because he could no longer keep his business closed and still pay his bills.

The 77-year-old barber told the Detroit News a couple of weeks ago that he was in “despair and needed to open his business".  He went on to say:

I’m not trying to prove some point. I needed to get back to work…I was in despair. I don’t have anybody paying me unless I’m doing work

He went on to say what has become one of my favorite quotes:

I don’t need the governor to be my mother. … I can make these adult decisions myself

Governor Whitmer and Attorney General did not like that response and had the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs suspend his license

They cited the reason for the action as:

  1. Violation of Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders
  2. They claim been charged with a misdemeanor
  3. He violated the Department of Health and Human Services order to cease-and-desist. That’s the very same order Circuit Judge Matthew Stewart refused to enforce on Monday.

His lawyer Mr. Kallman said that all of these grounds are not reasons to summarily suspend his license without a hearing or any due process.

I asked David to come on my show to discuss this suspension and the case.  Please listen to our interview below:

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