I asked Democrat State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. to come on my show to discuss Governor Whitmer response to the COVID-19 issue.  As many of us know Michiganders are getting frustrated with what many believe are arbitrary and capricious orders, many in which the Governor has deemed some products, services and businesses that are essential and non-essential.

For example:

Landscapers are not allowed to work but Michigan employees who do landscaping on state, county and city property are.

Businesses that repair roads can continue to work but people who work on new home sites are not allowed to work.

Abortions are deemed essential, in fact, Whitmer stated that abortions are life-sustaining (still trying to figure that one out) but people with very painful knees or hips can’t have replacement surgery.

I also wanted to find out what the Senate Democrats are thinking when it comes to the decrees/eo’s that Whitmer has signed.

Senator Hertel’s Senate District is the 23rd and includes Lansing and south.

Please listen to our discussion below, I hope you find it informative:



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