I interviewed former Detroit Chief of Police and current candidate for the Governor of Michigan James Craig this morning on my radio show.

Earlier today Chief James Craig announced the formation of his Law Enforcement Action Team (LEAT).  In a statement he stated:

“When I was first hired as Detroit Police Chief my top priority was to send a message to criminals that their activities would no longer be tolerated.  We showed strength, and held them accountable.  We started with Colony Arms.  We stormed that building, arrested 20-30 people who were a plague on our community, and sent a message.  Yes, we even invited the cameras. I was part of the first team that made entry into the building that day, and showed our police department and our community what it meant to lead from the front.  The message to Southeast Michigan was loud and clear - the Detroit Police Department was back and stronger than ever.”

He stated that there are County Prosecutors who are refusing to enforce our laws, refusing to hold criminals accountable, and putting our communities at risk.  He went on to say that the courts are letting criminals back on the streets, attempts at bail reform are failing our communities, and some legislators are continuing the defund the police movement by supporting an end to qualified immunity.  They don’t want police to be able to police.

In formation of his LEAT team he will ppoint a team of experts as a Law Enforcement Action Team (LEAT) to write new policies and laws that strengthen law enforcement across this state, while working together with local community leaders. He will appoint both Republicans and Democrats in law enforcement in a historic bi-partisan strategy to solve the public safety crisis facing our state.

He believes these policies will strengthen law enforcement with better recruitment of officers, increase retention, and protect them in the line of duty.

The James Craig interview starts at the 18:18 minute mark:

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