I invited State Senator Curtis Hertel D-East Lansing to discuss their caucus introduction of a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis in Michigan.

State Senator’s Marshall Bullock, D-Detroit, and Erika Geiss, D-Taylor just introduced a resolution in the Senate to declare racism a public health crisis in the state of Michigan. They stated from the floor that they:

commit to working collaboratively with the Governor and every sector of society to develop an ongoing strategy to address, fund, and support solutions that strategically reduce the long-term impact that racism has on the quality of life and health for citizens of color.

This Senate resolution was co-sponsored by all of the Michigan State Senator’s in their Democratic caucus and one Republican Senator Dale Zorn, R-Ida. The same Republican senator that all of the Democrats were calling a racist for wearing a COVID mask that resembled the Confederate flag.

I am attempting to understand how people are linking racism to public health.

My concern is by relating every problem in the United States to racism we will water down the true race and bigotry problems we have in the United States. If everything is related to racism then nothing is related to racism.

Please listen to our conversation and he will inform us of his thoughts on this issue:


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