Congressman Peter Meijer recently won Michigan's 3rd Congressional District to become their new Congressman.  Well, he had quite a first week in office.  In that first week, he decided to vote for the impeachment of President Trump because he felt that he incited the storming of the Capitol building.

Last Thursday Republican Rep. Peter Meijer went on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper” and said that the U.S. Capitol building is “walled off” because people can’t be trusted to not “try to overrun it" among other things.

In that appearance, Meijer was asked by host Jake Tapper many things that would pit him against the Republican Party and former President Trump.  He said the following:

“I think the betrayal of trust was what happened leading up to January 6th with the president’s oath of office…I was watching the segment that you had earlier on, and that was the first I learned of the individual who was arrested near the Capitol with a list of lawmakers. It’s just staggering how many folks continue to either try to paper over what happened, try to move on, just say, you know, it’s been a couple of weeks, let’s forget about it. I’m just at a loss for words, Jake.”

Meijer has told us to move on from the last 10 months of insurrectionist acts by Antifa, BLM, and counter protesters.  You told us that you do not believe in what about "isms". Where are you condemning all of the horrible aggressive and violent speech by the left today?

He then went on to say:

“I don’t share those views on my Republican colleagues and the fears around that. I think if there was any complicity in the events of January 6th we shouldn’t jump the gun, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. We need to wait for that investigation to play out,”

Rep. Meijer, you stated, "we shouldn’t jump the gun, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions".  Many believe that you immediately blamed President Trump, Republicans and people who believed in his policies and it appears you continue to place the blame on all of them today evident from your responses to Jake's questions.

I very much appreciate Rep. Meijer coming on my show and answering the tough questions and look forward to further discussions.

The following is our entire interview:

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