They were gonna party like it's 1899!   Police in Rochester, Indiana say five  Amish teens are in big trouble after they were clocked traveling 110 miles per hour and allegedly drinking.

The teens were pulled over on Friday just before midnight a couple of hours south of Kalamazoo.  Fox59  reports that two troopers clocked a 2001 Dodge Caravan traveling southbound on U.S. 31 at 110 miles per hour.   They say as they were catching up with the van, the teens threw alcoholic beverages out of the van’s windows.

The TV station went on to report that when the troopers made contact with the 17 year-old male driver, driving on a learner's permit, they smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle. Officers say they also observed numerous alcohol containers, multiple cases of beer, and other bottles of alcoholic beverages to include a jug of whiskey.

There were two female passengers, ages 16 and 17, and two 16-year-old boys in the van. All of the teens allegedly consumed alcohol.


All five were released into the custody of a relative of one the teens. The troopers initially had trouble contacting the teen’s parents, because the parents do not use telephones due to practicing the Amish religion.


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