Has the police state gone too far?  I would submit this incident as a case proving that it has. A mother was tased and arrested by the police for refusing to wear a face mask in the stands with no one around her at her son’s eighth-grade football game.  This happened in Georgia not Germany in the 1930s.

The Marietta Times reported on this disturbing news last week.  The mother was sitting in the bleachers with what appeared to be her children and no one within 3 bleacher rows of them.  She was approached by a Logan Police officer and Logan Hocking Middle School Assistant Principal Adam Twiss and told she must comply with the state’s mask mandate.  You can hear the woman saying:

“Let go of me. Don’t touch me…I will not put my hands behind my back…Get off of me. You’re not arresting me for nothing. I ain’t doing nothing wrong.”

Be warned that there is some harsh language used during this video.

The mother struggled for approximately 2 minutes as the police officer was manhandling her and then he pulled out his taser and used it on her.

Logan athletic director Theresa Schultheiss told the Marietta Times:

“I am really disappointed”

Disappointed in your school, government and police I hope.

Marietta City Schools Superintendent Will Hampton reportedly said:

“If you chose not to (wear a mask), then you threaten not only our ability to have sports but put your ability to watch as a spectator in jeopardy as well.”

The school Superintendent actually praised the work of his staff and the police officer for the violence they brought to this mother and the game.  Who and what ideology is running our schools.

By the way, the officer was black and the mother was white yet no one was screaming racism and interesting enough no one went into the city and rioted, looted, burned down business, smashed car and store windows or perpetrated any violence on anyone.

Well except the cop’s violence upon the mother for not wearing a mask and daring to stand up for her rights.

I wonder why?

We are told the Logan Police Department is investigating this incident.

Do you believe this police state has gone too far and what will you do about it this upcoming election?  I hope vote the people and party that is pushing this police state the hardest out of office up and down the ticket.

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