Has an answer to a crime been discovered?

The remains of a body were discovered on Tuesday (July 9th) by some construction workers at  S. Nottawa and Bogen roads.

Geoffrey Smith with the Sturgis Department of Public Safety told Fox 17 News that...

The remains appear to be very old, maybe as old as 100 years.

Smith explained more to Woodtv.com...

Whether that’s Native American, whether that’s homesteaders … until they’re carbon-dated, we won’t know for sure. But I guess the good news so far is that they’re pretty sure it’s nothing recent.

The age of the remains was a concern due to the case of Brittney Beers, the 6-year-old girl, who vanished in Sturgis in 1997 and has never been found.

Police are reporting that the remains are far too old to be Brittney's.

Currently, Michigan State Police and the Western Michigan University Anthropology Unit are assisting with the investigation and will investigate until they discover the answers they are looking for.

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