It’s good news that the Calhoun County Board has approved a new contract for road resurfacing and patching, and there’s certainly plenty to fix.   Today on our 95.3 WBCK Pothole Tracker puts the spotlight on a particularly problematic section of road:  Stonejug Road, between Division and B Drive South in Leroy Township.

North of Division, Stonejug (or 2 mile Road), is in better shape.  That portion is inside the Battle Creek city limits, and is on higher ground.  But south of Division, there are many sections of the road that are very moon-like.  Beware!

Stonejug Pothole, TSM Photo

Here's two more areas to watch out for:

Helmer Road between Columbia Avenue and Dickman Road doesn’t have individual potholes of great size, but there are many, many small and medium potholes that combine to make the road look like swiss cheese. Driving on that part of Helmer feels like you’re off-road!

And even worse....6 ½ mile, a mile south of Beckley all the way down to B Drive South.

Know of some other areas in Calhoun County we should watch out for.  Let us know, and send us a couple of pictures if you can.  Send it to

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