Potter Park Zoo celebrates its 100th birthday this year!

To celebrate, the zoo has installed over twenty new signs that show what the park looked like wayyy back in 1920 and over the years. The zoo has been recognized for being tops regarding animal care, breeding, conservation, and education.

When I was in grade school OH SO MANY YEARS AGO, we took a field trip to the zoo...what a great time the class had!

More than likely, you've paid a visit - or more - to Potter Park Zoo...but now you can learn a little something about it.

The first animals to be transferred to the zoo were elk in 1920, thus beginning a snowball effect. Soon there were deer, raccoons, a bear and more and more animals, eventually turning the park into a zoo.

The land started out as a normal park in 1915 when J.W. Potter and his wife donated over 50 acres of land to the City of Lansing. Through the 1920s, more land was donated, making the popular park larger.

The Bird & Reptile House was completed in 1929, followed in the 1930s by the Lion House and Monkey Island.

More animals and construction came and went, and in 1979, possibly the zoo's most famous resident, Tombi the Elephant, was purchased and brought to the zoo.

These facts are just a tip of the iceberg of what made Potter Park what it is now 100 years later.

Keep checking their webpage to find out when they will be open so you can hopefully join in their celebration.

Find out more by reading Potter Park Zoo's timeline of events on their website by CLICKING HERE.

And check out some NEW residents by CLICKING HERE!


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