The Tasty Nut Shop and Soda Bar has been an established business for 101 years in White Pigeon Michigan at 100 E. Chicago Road. The three-story building was built in 1856 approximately 5 years before the Civil War began.  After complaints about the condition of the building and pieces falling off of it the Village hired a structural engineering firm to review the building and submit a report.  According to reporting by wwmt a structural engineer from a company hired by the village council of White Pigeon, Mark Wilson, recommended that the building be demolished because it is in danger of collapse thus a danger to the public.

In his report Mr. Wilson stated the building is:

“irreparable, through the entire structure height.”

Mr. Wilson included another recommendation in his report to the village “that the structure should be thoroughly documented to preserve its historical record to be kept available to the public, possibly also planning and constructing a historical exhibit at the site.”

The owner of the Tasty Nut Shop Margorie Hamminga stated:

“It’s a landmark and everything…And I hate to see it go because it’s history to the town. It’s their history.”

What a shame it would be to lose such a historical building n southwest Michigan.  A decision on what the next steps forward will be has not been made by the Village Council as of the publishing of this article.

The following is a link to the wwmt report that has the engineer's entire 78-page report with photos for you to review.

Structural Engineering Investigation Report For 100 E, Chicago Road (US 12), White Pigeon, MI

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