For angry, heartbroken Detroit Lions fans there isn't much consolation.

Dallas then squeaked by Detroit 24-20 with a game-winning touchdown drive, knocking the Lions out of the playoffs.

Well, thanks for being honest, NFL. But it doesn't change the outcome of the game. What's done is done-- The Lions are done this year.

For what it's worth, President Barack Obama says he gets it.

In an interview with The Detroit News Tuesday, Obama said:

“[I can’t] remember a circumstance in which a good call by one of the refs is argued about by an opposing player of the other team with his helmet off on the field, which in and of itself is supposed to be a penalty. The call is announced and then reversed without explanation. I haven’t seen that before — so I will leave it up to the experts to make the judgment as to why that happened — but I can tell you if I was a Lions fan I’d be pretty aggravated.”


However, the President also added that because he's a Chicago Bears fan, he can't have too much sympathy for the Lions.

Thanks, Obama.

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