Well the damage to our nations security continues under President Obama. He just commuted Bradley/Chelsea Manning's jail sentence from 35 years to less than 6 years.

Well that show's us how much President Obama cares about hacking and intelligence information being given to Wikileaks. I thought he as well as the Democrat party were all upset with Wikileaks exposing all of the Democrat Parties hidden secrets, apparently not.

Bradley/Chelsea Manning was deployed with his/her unit to Iraq in 2009. While in Iraq he/she worked as a low-level intelligence analyst helping his/her unit assess insurgent activity in the area they were patrolling. In this role he/she had access to a classified computer network. From his/her access to classified access he/she copied hundreds of thousands of military incident logs from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Intelligent experts have stated that he/she exposed many people to death. In fact it is reported that both al Qaeda and the Taliban used his/her information to just indiscriminately kill anyone who looked like the description in the reports. So if you were described in the reports as a man with short black hair they would kill all the men with short black hair.

And President Obama let this traitor go. Very interesting would you not say.

Can we conclude that he is not only anti-police but also anti-military?

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