Does President Trump really like fast food that much or is there something else behind his serving of fast food to College National Championship teams who he invites to the White House?

This time it was the Baylor University championship women’s basketball team who were invited to the White House to celebrate their national championship title and served fast food.

The Daily Caller is reporting that President Trump served Chick-fil-A sandwiches, McDonald’s quarter pounders, Wendy’s burgers, and Burger King Whoppers to the college athletes.

President Trump started his tradition of serving fast food to the college championship athletic teams who visit the White House during the partial government shutdown earlier this year.

Now that the shutdown is over he is still serving them fast food.

Does he enjoys it that much or he wants to give the impression that he is a man of the people?

I think if I was part of a national championship team that was invited to the White House I would probably like to have some really fancy food, food that I could not afford being a college student, would you?

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