What do you think will happen if all of a sudden entry jobs that we as young budding adults started to pay $15 a hour?

Do you really believe that people with little to no experience will end up being hired for those jobs?  Forget about the possible cost of the service or products those businesses offer going up and the possible negative consequences that would occur.  Please just think about the human beings that will be affected by that.

Do remember when you were searching for your first job and how you were going to answer the question, what experience do you have?

If minimum wage was to rise that high it would be difficult for those young people and people in general with very little experience to be hired.  What I believe would happen and what has been proven time after time again is they would not be hired, people with experience and a track record would take those jobs.

If minimum wage was $15 an hour those companies are going to hire people with the most experience, they are going to want to see a track record of any kind.

Heritage Foundation Labor Expert James Sherk told The Daily Caller News Foundation “The limited experience we have shows it could be very destructive. What we know from earlier minimum wage increases is it disproportionately hurts lower skilled workers.”

It is just common sense that this would occur.  Is this what the people pushing for such a high minimum wage want, I do not think so.  Do they just not understand and not know the history of minimum wage and do not understand the negative consequences that come from that?

President Obama has stated in the past that “My first summer job wasn’t exactly glamorous, but it taught me some valuable lessons.  Responsibility. Hard work. Balancing a job with friends, family, and school.”

You must ask yourself that if the President believes that then why would he not want the same lessons for entry level workers.

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