Last Saturday, 95.3 WBCK went live from Outdoor Landscape and Supplies iand a lot of people came out and registered for some great prizes.

Morning Show Host Tim Collins, The Garden Show's Bob Coward, and  Animal Talk's Dr. Pete VanVranken.s made their way to the annual Open House party, which featured a twist this year.   Outdoor Landscape and Supply Owner Rob Grosteffon partnered with Springfield Do-It Center.

One really interesting display was the so-called "fire cauldron", for sale at Springfield Do-it Center under the brand name "Solo Stove".  It burns hot and evenly, without any heat being transferred to the floor underneath.

Fire Cauldron from Springfield Do-It Center-TSM Photo
Fire Cauldron from Springfield Do-It Center-TSM Photo

Grand Prize-: An outdoor shed and $300 landscaping certificate:  Dave Sly

Wheelbarrow full of tools and garden supplies - Mark Radebaugh

Burn Barrel - Matt Dilling,  David Meyers

$10 gift certificates:

Blaine Townsend

Charles Bosse

Bob Rice

Erika Latchaw

Alan Woodman

Sue Dilling

John Nubel

Melissa Howard

Kay Calley-Martin

Brian Wensauer

Sherry Boyd

Cindy Nubel

Bill or Wendy Dolzal

Jack Carlsen

Jeannie Kerner

Eli Gwilt

Dan Belt

Sandra Sibson

Austin Keithley

Anthony McCrumb

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