If you missed the Live with Renk show, you missed the startling revelations of a caller named Derek, who is a self-professed 'professional agitator.'

A professional agitator is a person who is well versed in, and may have actually received training in, organized protest. The term professional implies that they are paid. Derek told us he is paid to do what he does.

Derek explained on the call, which you can hear below, that there are many people in the Black and Hispanic community that are not going to vote for Hillary Clinton. In fact he believes that Donald Trump will win the election.  Why?  Well listen to why he believes that Trump will win the Presidential election and then decide for yourself if you believe he is being truthful or not...

Donald Trump Claims Professional Agitators Attend His Rallies

Back in Spring of 2016, at one of Trump's rallies before he claimed the Repblican nomination for the presidency, he claimed a heckler at one of his rallies was a 'professional agitator.'

The term was picked up by the website Brietbart.com, which is closely associated with Trump's campaign, which claimed,

the various supposed anti-Trump organizations are really a “witches brew” of radical-left “professional agitators” seeking the “downfall of the U.S. capitalist system” and its replacement with a so-called socialist utopia.

“These are all different arms of the radical left octopus,” Klein told Breitbart News Daily, the radio program hosted by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. Klein was referring to the anti-Trump protest movement. “This is not about race,” added Klein. “This is not about immigration reform. This is not even about Trump…these are fronts.”

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