has professional cuddlers that work all over the country and I found one in Kalamazoo.

First thing you might as yourself is what is a professional cuddler (I know I did). A professional cuddler is a person who is hired to snuggle with you, and it is not cheap. For a one hour session is will cost you $80.00 and an overnight session can run upwards of $500.00, that does not include the charge for travel. This is not a sexual experience, it is one of comfort.

Michelle who works as a professional cuddler in Kalamazoo talks about her decision to become a cuddler...

"When I learned about cuddling as a profession, it made perfect sense for me.  I am a person that people find very comforting and accepting.  I put people at ease rather quickly.  This translates into a warm, nurturing cuddle environment.  I want to guide you to accept touch, value touch, and ask for what you want and need."

Michelle goes on to explain how the process starts with a client...

"Whether I come to you or you come to me, we will share a telephone call first to discuss each other’s needs, expectations and co-create guidelines for our cuddle relationship. After I receive your request, watch for an email from me to set up a time to talk.  I prefer to schedule a time rather than just cold-calling a potential client."

wusa.9com reported that this time of year the professional cuddling business is bombing due to the loneliness that the holidays can cause.

For me, I will take a free hug from loved ones.