There have been numerous examples that your vote does count and now we have another example right here in Michigan.

According to reporting by Mlive, a single vote actually changed an election result.  That election was in Kalamazoo County’s Ross Township.  After a recount the candidate who we thought had lost actually won by one vote.

After the recount was completed we found out that the challenger Robert Baker received 554 votes compared to the incumbent, Gary Moore, receiving 553 votes.

In the original count of ballots from the Tuesday, Aug. 7th primary, the two candidates tied with 547 votes each.

You might remember this election due to the fact that after a tie was determined the Township, in their attempt to break the tie had each candidate draw a slip marked "Not Elected" or “Elected” from a box.  In that tie breaker Mr. Moore drew the “Elected” slip of paper and Mr. Baker drew the “Not Elected” slip of paper.

The recount yesterday reversed that tie breaker.

Mr. Baker has stated in the past that he decided to run for the supervisor position as a write-in candidate because he believed that Ross Township officials lacked transparency during a recent controversy “over local ordinances pertaining to medical marijuana facilities”.

You may remember that hundreds attended a Ross Township Planning Commission meeting last June in their opposition to ordinances allowing the marijuana growing operations in certain zoning districts, in fact many of the attendees to that commission meeting called into my radio show to discuss their concerns. At that time the Ross Township people who attended the meeting last June also expressed their concerns about “odor, security and the amount of water and energy consumed by marijuana grow operations”.

Yet again, proof that your vote really does count especially in local elections.  So become informed about the candidates and the issues in not only the Federal and State elections but also your local municipalities.

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