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We now see yet another effort by the Obama Administration to protect some of the questionable regulations by his administration.  President Obama now appears that he has “evolved” on his thoughts about whistleblowers.

With less than a week left in his administration President Obama has announced a new “scientific integrity” policy in which he is attempting to protect bureaucrats in the Department of Energy from the incoming President-Elect Donald Trump.

President Obama’s Department of Energy’s has set forth a new policy which aims to enhance whistle-blower protection laws and even create a “scientific integrity official” within the Energy Secretary’s office to enforce them.

Is this a policy President Trump could reverse, sure but President Obama understands that the optics of doing so would not look good for President Trump.  Now that is if President Trump would care about that optics like so many other politicians would.  President Elect-Trump appears to me that he does not care about the optics and only cares about what he thinks is right for the American people.

Why is President Obama concerned about protecting whistleblowers, because during his administration he used the power of the government to squash and intimidate government employees from blowing the whistle on him.

You probably do not remember the name Dr. Noelle Metting, a radiation biologist for the government.  Dr, Metting testified before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology concerning the Low Dose Radiation Research Program, in October, 2014.  This program was created to study the effects of very small amounts of radiation on biological tissue.

The Obama Administration did not like what she had to say about it and a week later fired her.  The Obama Administration in fact stated that they believed that she was “providing Congress with too much information” and “advocating for the program.”

Provided too much information, really!  Unless it is top secret or classified information how can you provide the American people with “too much information”.  Sounds like the most “transparent” administration in history really does not care for transparency.

President Obama’s real concern is that there will be a plethora of government employees, specifically in the Department of Energy, who will become whistleblowers and inform us Americans what the DOE was really up to when it comes to Global Warming.

We should encourage government employees to become whistleblowers when they see something wrong with in our government.

Wouldn’t you agree with me?

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