Pure Michigan has your camping soundtrack all ready. They are set to release their first album full of Michigan sounds on May 22nd. Click here for the full story. 

They released the first song John Beltran's "Childhood Memories" and you can hear it below.

"The Pure Sounds of Michigan" features 10 tracks of field recordings from state parks accompanied by music.

It's ambient/instrumental music. Not Greta Van Fleet or Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

The album includes:

  • Dave Graw - "Lighthouse at Sunrise"
  • Todd Modes - "Island Drift"
  • Blair French feat. Ahya Simone - "The Cedar and the Falls"
  • Windy & Carl - "Forest Trails"
  • John Beltran - "Childhood Memories"
  • Nuntheless - "City of Sand"
  • Eddie Logix - "Lake of the Clouds"
  • Greater Alexander - "Dark Sky Dunes"
  • Sterling Toles feat. Rafael Statin - "Campfire Rituals"
  • Waajeed - "The Rock (Bridge to a New Day)"


Is there a certain song that reminds you of the Michigan summer?



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