"The Shed" in Quincy is collecting goods and funds to help aid relief efforts in Nashville, Tennessee after the area was devastated by tornadoes.

The Shed, located at 93 West Chicago Street in Quincy Michigan, is a local non-profit that has been helping people locally and afar primarily through the selling of baked goods created from scratch to be sold from the tiny kitchen created by Lisa and James Tubergan. The couple, who both successfully battled cancer, felt led to help others and have been doing just that by baking and selling delicious treats locally. They have also partnered with Hands of Hope to help those in the U.S. affected by the devastation.

The couple plan to leave on Sunday, March 15th to bring checks made out to "Hands of Hope" and items collected at The Shed to Watertown, Tennessee.

Nashville Tornado Relief Items Needed Are Listed Below:

Thousands are without power in Tennessee after tornadoes ravaged the area. There have been 24 confirmed deaths as of 3/4/2020 and 22 people still unaccounted for, according to USA Today.

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