Why can’t they let children be children?

According to an article from CBS affiliate KPIX in San Fransicso, two parents have created a new young girls group they call “Radical Brownies.”

The new Radical Brownies group — which may sound very similar to a Girl Scouts group — is not selling cookies but instead selling social injustice, KPIX reported.

Dressed in brown uniforms, the 8- to 10-year-old girls made statements such as, “White policeman are killing black young folks such as women, men and children,” and “Mike Brown. He was shot because he didn’t do nothing. Only the police officer shot him because of his skin color," KPIX reported.

One of the Radical Brownies told KPIX that the little girls' uniforms are made up of “The beret, it’s a Black Panther/Brown Beret twist."

Radical Brownies co-founder Marilyn Hollinquest told KPIX, "I think it’s very appropriate. A lot of the work the Black Panthers did was community oriented.”

Parent and co-founder of the group Anayvette Martinez asked KPIX, “How amazing would it be to have a girls’ troop that was really focused around social justice and where girls could even earn badges?”

Martinez added, “The girls felt really just like passionate about the topic and they loved being there.”

Really, do you think these young girls are focused on these issues?

Hollinquest said that the parents of the group are not telling the girls what to think.

“Kids already understand fairness and unfairness, so we take that understanding at an age-appropriate level,” Hollinquest told KPIX.

Do you really think they came up with these thoughts themselves?

Why can’t these parents allow their children to be children?

Why do they have to fill their brains with all these adult issues?

In fact, the quotes attributed to some of these 8 to 10 year old girls are not even factual, correct?

Is it not the responsibility of the parents to correct these young minds instead of infect them?

Are children 8 to 10 years old too young to understand the complexity of these issues?

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