The Super Bowl is set for February 13th in Los Angeles as the Rams take on the Bengals, but to a lot of Detroit Lions fans, the Bengals might as well be playing Stafford alone.

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Dear Lions Fans, Stop Being Creepy

It's understandable that Lions fans have taken to rooting for the longtime Lions' QB. In only his first year away from Detroit he's seemed to live up to all of the expectations that they had hoped for, but instead of Honolulu Blue and Silver, he's wearing the Royal Blue and Yellow for Los Angeles.

Matthew Stafford Hugs Himself Meme

This is the one that really started this whole weird Stafford infatuation.

After winning the NFC championship games this meme began flying across the internet.

There was a Lions fan somewhere, that made a picture, of a man hugging HIMSELF, and they thought that was okay.

Weirdly enough THOUSANDS of Lions fans shared this.

Bootleg Rams Lions Merchandise

This is one of the strangest things that seem to be popping up in Etsy shops and T-shirt retailers.

These weird mashups of Lions/Rams merch scream desperation for Lions fans, but maybe that's a perpetual trait for all of us that have been waiting since the 90s for a single playoff win.

In response to these types of mashups, former West Michigan ESPN Host Drew McCarthy says that Lions' fans are taking things 'too far':

Seeing significantly too much of this or that weird Stafford hugging Stafford thing. Knock it off. Calm down. Good for Stafford. Seems like a cool dude. This is too far.

Stafford Jersey Invading Michigan Meijer Stores

Not to be left out, many local Meijer locations in the State of Michigan are cashing in on Stafford-Mania. At least in this case you've got official NFL merchandise, but you have to admit it looks a BIT strange surrounded by Red Wings, MSU, Michigan, & Tigers gear. Also, where IS the Lions gear?

So Lions fans, maybe it's time to chill before Stafford issues a PPO against the entire state of Michigan?

The Detroit Lions Fans Enjoy Thanksgiving Day Tradition At Ford Field

Despite a long history of losing, the Thanksgiving Day game at Ford Field in Detroit has brought out the best in fans, and in the halftime show performers.

Check Out Lions Matthew Stafford's Michigan Mansion

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