I just realize we haven't had a recall for a while after a series of them the first half of the year.  You may recall (no pun intended) so far this year we've had issues with cookies, chicken, barbies, drills, flour, infant medicine, fruit, canned spaghetti, tattoos, sausage and even marijuana.  Those are just the ones we've been made aware of.  Now comes a rare recall from the world of medicine and it could be serious.

According to wilx.com, the Food and Drug Administration announced yesterday that a medication used to treat migraines was being pulled from the shelves because continued use could lead to serious, life-threatening infections.  The drug is REPLAX, made by Pfizer, and patients who are taking it are urged to consult their healthcare provider to determine if they have the infected lots.  If you or someone you know is taking REPLAX click HERE to get more information.




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