Battle Creek officials and Waste Management have hammered out a deal to keep recycling going in the city, and not raise fees to residents.    That's the word from Battle Creek's Environmental Program Coordinator Elizabeth Paul.   Paul was a guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.

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Lizzy Paul-WBCK Photo
Lizzy Paul-WBCK Photo

Paul says that for many years, America has been sending about 1/3 of materials to be recycled to China.  But as the Chinese work to reduce pollution in their country, they've instituted a strict policy regarding imported recyclables.   She says the problem is the stuff that people put in the recycling bin that's not really recyclable.

Paul says it's a nationwide problem, and that many communities have opted to abandoned their recycling programs, or have increased rates dramatically.   In Battle Creek, the solution is to have Waste Management collect recyclables every other week, instead of every week, starting in April.

Regular trash pickup remains the same, and service days remain the same.

Paul says the most important thing for residents can do is to be sure that the items they put in the recycling bin are actually 100% recyclable.  If residents need to have more picked up, they can either rent an additional cart starting at $3.25.   Calhoun County also has several drop off centers that are free to use.

The city will have brochures with maps, schedules, drop off center locations and a good list of what can and what cannot be recycled.



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