There have been so many businesses that have been affected by the shutdown, and with no federal aide, many businesses in Kalamazoo have been doing everything they can, while making sure they keep their staff and customers safe. Recently Shakespeare's has dealt with struggles, as members of their own team have tested positive for Covid-19. They followed all protocol when it came to making sure no spread of the virus came from their restaurant.

Shakespeare's has been around for a long time and regulars of the restaurant, Peggy and Vaughn, have recently given an unnamed charitable donation to Shakes in hopes that it helps them during this difficult time. Although Shakes' staff was appreciative of the donation, there's something more that they got from this, and that's being reminded of how important they are to the community, as they pointed out in a recent post:

Peggy and Vaughn have been coming to our pub for as long as I can remember. Our staff loves them. We as owners love them. We are lucky they have made Shakespeare’s a part of their lives.
Tonight, Peggy stopped in and handed us an envelope. She said since she and Vaughn aren’t able to dine-in till this is over, she wanted to leave us what they would have spent in the next couple weeks. She didn’t order anything. She didn’t ask for anything in return.
She said, “please just be here when this is over.”
The donation was big, but it just encourages them to come back stronger than before. A little bit goes a long way in this day and age.
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