Last week I received an interesting email from a listener of mine:


I am 4 weeks from being diagnosed with COVID-19. I had a barrage of symptoms. They came and went but what happened to me at one point was that I was sitting on my couch and I had the feeling that I just wanted to die. In that moment I was okay if I did.
Days later, without talking to her, my wife said the same thing. I found this odd for me because I am usually laughing a lot and like to have fun. I brought this up in a Facebook group and found that there are many people that felt the same way as I did.
When you have this virus not only do you have to deal with the symptoms but you can not escape. Everywhere you look, read or talk to others is about the virus.
The reason for my message to you is that maybe you can bring this up and let people be brave enough to mention this horrible effect it has on the infected. People are ashamed to say anything from fear of being labeled but that is the worst way to handle it.
It was a relief to myself and others that we were not alone in our thoughts. The mental health of this has all but been ignored and that can be dangerous
I asked this listener to call into the show to discuss his experience and I am very glad he took me up on my invitation and called the show last Friday.  What he said is something that we should spread as much as possible, please share this piece on as many social platforms as possible so his story gets heard.
Here is our conversation from last Friday’s show:

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