On Monday, February 8th 54-A District Court Judge Kristen D. Simmons dismissed all criminal charges filed by the Michigan Attorney General’s office against six hairstylists who participated in Operation Haircut.   These six women dared to violate Gov. Whitmer’s coronavirus emergency orders during a protest at the state Capitol last May.

These six hairstylists were represented by the Kallman Legal Group.  The following is from a Press Release given to me by their Attorney David Kallman his legal group stated:

"Operation Haircut Protest on May 20, 2020, in support of Owosso barber Karl Manke, who was also present at the protest. Approximately 20 hair stylists were cutting hair at the Capitol that day, yet only seven were criminally prosecuted. Kallman Legal Group represented six of the protestors. All six are still facing administrative licensing complaints brought by the State. The Michigan Conservative Coalition organized the Operation Haircut Protest and supported all six protestors."

The press release went on to say:

Attorney David A. Kallman stated: “Our clients are pleased that Judge Simmons recognized and upheld their constitutional rights. It is a relief that they no longer face the prospect of having a criminal record and potential jail time for merely exercising their right to peaceably speak out.  If a person protests certain issues, the Governor will ignore her own orders and walk with you; but if a person protests the Governor, she will prosecute you and attempt to destroy your business. Kallman Legal Group will always vigorously defend everyone’s right to protest and engage in free speech, no matter the issue.”


There was a very interesting point that came up during our discussions that I wanted David to discuss.  You need to hear what the Michigan Attorney General's office did during this case.  What they did was not only against the defendants but also the court, their staff and everyone else involved with this case.

Please listen to my 9-minute interview with David and find out what I am talking about:


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