I asked an old friend of the Live with Renk Show to come on air to reply to a request made by the Chairwoman of the Michigan Democratic Party.  She was calling for three Michigan Republicans to resign from Congress because they voted last week to support the challenges to the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden in two states, Arizona and Pennsylvania.  One of those three is Congressmen Walberg.


I hope the good people of Michigan’s 1st, 7th, and 10th Congressional districts see this blatant assault on our democracy, and their freedom, for what it is and join us in calling for the immediate resignation of Representatives Bergman, Walberg, and McClain

Congressman Walberg’s spokesman Dan Kotman said that Ms. Barnes' statement was:

"yet another example of stunning hypocrisy…we can’t seem to find any statements from their party in 2017 and 2005 when House Democrats, including two from Michigan, similarly voted to object”

I wrote the Michigan Democratic Party the other day to inform them that I would certainly entertain their request and discuss it on my show if they were to do one thing and only one thing.  That would be to call for Democrat U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi to resign and stand shoulder to shoulder in a sign of unity and state that when Pelosi tweeted the following:

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