Last week freshman Congressman Peter Meijer made a lot of news.  He and fellow Democrat Congressman Seth Moulton from Massachusetts flew into Kabul Afghanistan to see for themselves what was actually happening on the ground.

I asked the Congressman:

  • How many hours were you on the ground in the airport in Kabul?
  • What did you see there that is not being reported in the news?
  • Why did you not ask or inform the State Department or the Defense Department or the White House that you were going to the airport?
  • You flew on a charter flight into the country, could anyone just fly into that airspace and then the airport?

I then asked him a question posed by Tucker Carlson of Fox News.  On his show "Tucker Carlson Tonight" tucker stated:

"Afghan refugees have destabilized countries into which they have moved in large numbers, but we have a moral obligation to take them anyway. Really? Why is that? Why is this our unique moral burden? Isn't the U.S. government's first obligation to its own people? Isn't that the only point of having a government? To look out for its citizens? Why else have a government actually?"

He then said:

That might be a good question for Congressman Peter Meijer of Grand Rapids.

Well, I did ask him Tucker's question and he answered it.

You can hear all of his answers to my questions below, the interview starts at minute 19:02 :


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