Bridge Magazine is reporting that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will soon sign an Executive Order closing Michigan’s public and private K-12 schools for the remainder of the year.  Bridge is primarily an online publication that takes a non-partisan approach to political issues in Michigan. Bridge says schools will provide some form of remote learning for students through the remainder of the school year. Bridge has not learned whether that would involve specific grades or be mandatory for all students.

Bridge says the pending Executive Order will allow high school seniors to graduate, even if they have not completed the required courses. The decision will be left to school districts to determine if they were on course for completion in order to allow them to graduate. The same would apply to whether districts would allow K through11 grade students to advance. Additionally, Bridge reports schools will receive their full state funding through the end of the school budget year. A spokesperson for the Governor is so far declining to confirm the outlines of the order, telling Bridge, the administration is “reviewing the issue’.  Bridge, however, claims it has confirmations from several people with direct involvement in the pending order.

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