In a new study a neuroscientist and leadership coach actually studied 40 journalists from newspapers, magazines, broadcast, and online platforms over seven months.

The study looked at their lifestyle, health, and behavior and found that they drank too much, they were bad at managing their emotions and actually operate at a lower level than the average person.

The Business Insider news site reviewed the study and reported that the reporters/journalist had a below average ability to regulate their:

  • emotions
  • suppress biases
  • solve complex problems
  • switch between tasks
  • and show creative and flexible thinking

This might be one the reasons we have such poor reporting these days.  For years I have been disgusted at the level of professionalism in the news media.  One example of this is CNN’s Anderson Cooper said to a Trump supporter the other day on air “if he took a dump on his desk you would defend it”.  The “he” Anderson Cooper was referring to was President Trump.

Bet you cannot show us one example of a large news organizations headline show host making a statement like that about former President Obama.

The results from this new study showed that journalists' brains were operating at a lower level than the average population.  They prove this result many times a day.

The bulk of news reporters and show host might never change their behaviors thus the results of their reporting at best can be considered faulty.  It will be up to the American people, the actually consumers of this dribble to stop consuming their news and attempt to force the reporters/journalist to become more professional at their jobs.

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