Everyone loves a good family restaurant, where the family can gather for a straighforward, delicious meal.

Mike Leeuw and his crew at EMA Enterprises have been busy expanding their southwest MIchigan family restaurant and catering empire over the last few years. Their goal has been exactly that: Family restaurants with food you can enjoy.

One of those is our next stop on the Restaurant Road Tour. At Liz's Parkview Cafe in Richland, diners enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner - choosing from traditional fare like omelettes, pancakes and french toast. Lunch and dinner items include salads, sandwiches and burgers, some with a special local twist.


Liz's chefs are also submitting new ideas for dishes regularly, including the Blueberry Crunch Pancakes you will see when you click the video player above. We will also tempt you with Brown Sugar Pecan French Toast and the Parkview Burger, which leaves no one hungry!

Liz's is named for one of Mike and Jane Leeuw's daughters, for whom many of their restaurants are named. The company also operates EMA Enterprises, which includes catering for special events.

Thanks to the crew at Liz's Parkview Cafe for allowing us to visit them on the Restaurant Road Tour!

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