It has been a long long time since many of you used a reusable cloth diaper.  Would you go back to a reusable product to take care of a human need to save our world?  That is what some new companies are banking on, especially in light of the run, which caused a temporary shortage, of toilet paper last year.

A site called Shareably has informed us all of this reusable toilet “paper”. Or what the industry apparently calls “family cloth”.  In fact, in this article they even speak of reusable menstrual pads, I asked my wife if she ever heard of those and I received a resounding “no” and “that’s disgusting”.

“Family Cloth” would be exactly like washable cloth diapers.  I understand the concept but I am not to keen on the process.  These “family cloth” can come in rolls or separate squares.  How do you tear them off from the roll I do not know.

Here is an example of the separate squares:

Marley’s via Amazon
Marley’s via Amazon

Here is an example of a roll:

Marley’s via Amazon
Marley’s via Amazon

This sounds interesting; they say you collect them in a laundry basket during the week then wash them like you would a cloth diaper.

Here is some reason they believe that you or your family might want to use reusable toilet paper or family cloth:

  • You want to save. Since family cloths are reusable, you don’t have to spend so much on toilet paper.
  • Another great reason is that you won’t run out of reusable toilet paper.
  • While there are so many cute designs to choose from, you don’t have to buy them if you don’t have the budget. It’s a great and easy DIY project that you can do in your home.
  • By choosing the right cloth material, you will have a collection of soft, easy-to-wash reusable toilet paper.
  • It’s the best option if you are already using your bidet to help you with cleaning your behind. Some people also suggest that it works best if you dampen the cloth with water.
  • It’s definitely eco-friendly!

I understand the concept but I will stick to paper right now.

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