Most people know there’s a lot of construction going on in downtown Kalamazoo this summer.   What does that mean for parking at the Kalamazoo Ribfest at the Arcadia Creek Festival Place?

The first thing you need to know is this:  There’s a big, giant lot, right across Water Street from the Arcadia Creek Festival Place. FORGET ABOUT IT!   That lot is closed!   The city sold it to a developer last year, and construction is in progress.  That’s the bad news.   But there are plenty of other options.

Lot 1 off Edwards Street across from Wild Bull Saloon.  Cost is a $3.00 flat rate.

There are some lots behind the Old Peninsula Brewpub and Restaurant too.  That’s between Edwards and Portage, just south of Bate’s Alley.  There’s a great map of the area to show those and other possibilities.

One really good option might be one of the three nearby parking ramps---all within three blocks of the Ribfest.   Sue Huggett, Marketing and Engagement Manager for the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership says the ramps are often under used.  But beware:  costs vary a lot!

  1. Ramp 4 - Arcadia at the corner of Rose and Eleanor Street. It’s the closest ramp to the Ribfest.   Max Cost: $10 per day.   First hour $1.75, then $2 per hour to 6pm.  After 6pm, it’s a $5 max.
  2. Ramp 3- Kalamazoo Mall, between Portage Street and Farmer’s Alley, just north west of the AMC Movie Theater. $1.75 for hour 1, then $1 for each half hour ….$10 max.  After 5pm, max is $5.00
  3. The Water Street Garage, directly west of the Radisson Plaza hotel. (the one that has the bridge across Rose Street to the hotel.) Not Cheap! Cost: $2.75 per hour for the first 4 hours.   $2.00 per hour after the first 4 hours.  Daily maximum of $30.00.  And, no cash at the gate.   Yikes!

There are also about 300 spaces on city streets around the area that have 90 minute free parking.  But watch out.  The city monitors them and you might get a ticket if you park in one for more than 90 minutes, especially weekdays before 6pm.

Metered Parking Spots

Your first 15 minutes are free at 30-minute yellow-domed meters, if the meter is at 0:00. Just push the button. Remember to wait for the time to register before paying the meter.

  • Parking All Day? Look for green-domed meters. They offer up to ten hours of parking at a discounted rate.
  • Did you know that if you receive an expired meter violation notice and have not had one in the last six months, it can be waived?
  • Parking meters may be available near your destination. They are FREE after 5 p.m. on weekdays and all day Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
  • You can even download and use the “ParkMobile” app to pay by phone.

Another option is Bell’s Parking Emporium, 315 East Kalamazoo Avenue, corner of Pitcher Street.   The first five hours are free with purchases at Bell’s Eccentric Café and General Store.  After that, parking rates are $2 for the first hour and $1 for each additional half hour.  There is a maximum daily rate of $15.

There are a few lots owned by Plaza Corp near Cooley at Water Streets.  The Arcadia Creek runs thru them.  They include Lots 17 and 18 and the Arcadia West Lot 2N at 411 W. Kalamazoo Avenue. Don’t park there on Thursday or Friday during the day.  These are monthly parking lots only. Friday night and Saturday might be ok though.

Lot 30 at the corner of Eleanor and Park Street is off limits!  This lot recently became a County Lot but it’s strictly for County Employees.

The general admission entrance to the Kalamazoo Ribfest is on Water Street, at the bridge across the creek.

If you have tickets ahead of the festival, or VIP tickets, enter the grounds from the west where Eleanor Street ends.

Map-Downtown Kalamazoo
Map-Downtown Kalamazoo

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