Sometimes - or maybe all the time - trying to choose a favorite dog or cat, puppy or kitten, is like choosing your favorite child: You can't! But, in our case, we slogged through, and came up with five favorite Wiggly Tail Wednesday featured pets from the Humane Society of South Central Michigan in 2016. Here they are!

5. Fantasia

In March 2016, we told you about Fantasia.


A sweet, gray kitty with tortoise shell paws, Fantasia endeared herself to us quickly. Turns out, she kept the personality thing going - and someone else found her as cute as we did! Fantasia, now named Cosima, was adopted just six days after her Wiggly Tail Wednesday close up!


Her new family says "Cosima (Fantasia) has settled in very well. We love her very much."

4. Ginger

We actually first told you about Chihuahua Ginger in October 2015, but when we learned she was still waiting to meet her new, forever family in January 2016, we featured her on Wiggly Tail Wednesday again.


Ginger is a happy dog and we knew if we gave her just the right exposure, the connection would be made. And it was! The second time was the charm, as she met her new, forever family just two days after her second close up on Wiggly Tail Wednesday.


HSSCM's Carrie Bammer tells us Ginger's new home has only been a cat home previously, so they needed a canine companion who got along well with the felines.

"Since Ginger followed me everywhere, including into the adoptable cat room, we knew she was excellent with cats! The family stated their daughter had a similar personality to Ginger's and that’s why they were drawn to her," Carrie said.


Looks like she's settled in just fine!

3. Scooter

Scooter graced us with his Wiggly Tail presence back in February 2016. He was about a year old then, and had plenty of charm and puppy presence.


A Shih Tzu/Beagle mix, Scooter not only found a new Mom and Dad - but even a new canine sibling, too!


Scooter was adopted only a few weeks after his visit with us on Wiggly Tail Wednesday.

2. Daren

And then there's Daren. Wow, what a face!


We have all heard about some animals who just seem to know which house or building to choose when they're lost or looking for a new family. Daren's mom was one of those. She was pregnant and hanging around the Humane Society building in the summer of 2016, but would not let HSSCM personnel get close to her.

So, they set a live trap. It worked.

She walked into the trap and eventually gave birth to Daren and his sister. Daren was the only one left of the three at the shelter - awaiting adoption - when he visited us in November 2016. Who could resist that face?!


Carrie Bammer at HSSCM tells us Daren was adopted in early December.

"This is the young man’s first cat, and he was very excited," she said. "He had several questions written down, as to what he should expect after taking Daren home, which is very nice [for] an adoption counselor to witness. Most people just say they will figure it out as they go, which can result in many things done incorrectly. Daren’s new pet parent wanted to make sure he was doing everything right."

1. Precious

I think it was something about the two different colored eyes that did something to endear us to Precious.


Probably a German Shepard/Labrador mix, Precious' one-blue and one-brown eye are quite spectacular. Not to mention her personality! Precious was six months old when we met her in August, 2016. She was adopted ten days later.

A shelter transfer from Louisiana via a special articulation with the Humane Society in Battle Creek, Precious found new life by coming up north. HSSCM's Carrie Bammer explains:

"Precious’ mother had been hit by a car and killed when Precious was an infant. Precious was put into a foster home through DixieLand Rescue, where she was bottle fed and hand raised until old enough to be adopted. DixieLand adopted her out to a family with young children but it did not work out due to normal puppy behavior, which the family was not prepared for. She was then adopted by an older couple with an older dog. She was returned again, when the older dog passed away and, apparently, it was just not a good match. She was chosen as one of the dogs for transport to Michigan in June of 2016, hoping for better luck.  A family came in who had recently lost their beloved dog and was looking for a smaller dog - complete opposite of what Precious was. After listening to them, talking about the previous dog, getting to know their personalities, I told them about Precious and asked if they would like to meet her. The dad and son fell in love, but mom was trying not to. Her last dog was similar in body and looks to Precious. She (mom) is a cancer survivor and her last dog was by her side through her entire treatment. She was nervous to take that next step. They went home to think about it and came back the next day to adopt her. The family loves Precious and couldn’t be happier with their decision to give her a loving home."


Precious looks pretty comfy these days, doesn't she?!

Many thanks to all of you for the great feedback we have received about Wiggly Tail Wednesday. Thanks, too, to the Humane Society of South Central Michigan and all the great work they do - and their dedication to the Wiggly Tail Wednesday series. See you in 2017!

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