Seeing the name “Riga” I am always tempted to add “toni” to the end of it. I'm sure the residents of Riga have had enough of that remark.

So where is this town? In the southeast corner of Lenawee County, not far from the Ohio border.

Riga got its start called 'Knight's Station' on the Erie & Kalamazoo Railroad in 1844. The town was named for John Knight, who was the first to settle in the area, and Roswell Knight, the first person to build a house in the community.

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It was renamed 'Riga' in 1851 and turned into a popular shipping station.

The Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad came in and straightened their main line, crossing the old rail line. This crossing was named “Riga Junction”, a mile southeast of Riga. It only lasted a few it is non-existent.

Then, in 1908, tragedy struck. A fire blazed through Riga, destroying the bank, post office, depot, many stores.....basically, half the town.

The town is still there, re-built and a charming place to drive-thru and still ahs some classic buildings to check out. Take a look at the gallery below!



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