How many more traditions will be taken away from us this holiday season?  How many are left and who is in control of them.

It is being reported that ABC will not be airing "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving".  Another corporate giant has bought the rights and will be airing it on their own network.  "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" debuted in 1973 on CBS.  In 2002 ABC bought the rights and played the time tradition show every year since then.

Now Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, bought the rights to be housed on their AppleTV+ platform.

Wait, isn’t Tim Cook and pretty much all Apple employees liberals?  Is this just another example of liberals taking an American tradition away?  Bunch of commies!  What will they come after next?  Christmas presents because they might carry the Covid virus or not all children around the world are able to receive gifts on Christmas.

Before you get your panties in a bunch, I am kidding and hope that brought a smile to some of your faces.

By the way, Tim Cook and AppleTV+ will be offering free streaming of the holiday tradition "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving".   You can view the show for free from November 25 to the 27th.

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