The distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine has definitely been a little frustrating but here's some good news. More options are coming!

Rite Aid has announced that they will be joining a list of other Michigan retailers who will be offering the Covid-19 vaccine including Meijer who announced their plan for the Covid-19 a couple of weeks ago.

As reported by, Rite Aid is one of the first stores to participate in the Retail Pharmacy Program which will,

allocate vaccine doses directly to pharmacies for distribution based on state and local eligibility requirements.

Initially, local Rite Aids will be receiving 100 doses per week but expect that number to increase over time. However, Rite Aid president and CEO Heyward Donigan wants to remind everyone that scheduling appointments for the vaccine will still be difficult at any retailer. Hopefully, with more doses becoming available snagging that appointment should become easier. Should being the key word. Donigan went on to say that the main goal is to administer the vaccine efficiently and safely.

I know I'm not the only who is ready for this pandemic to be over. At this point, the wait for the vaccine seems like an eternity but progress is being made. Keep the hope alive. We can get through this together!

Currently, Rite Aid is only sending doses to half of their stores nationwide, but that does include Michigan locations. You can find details on eligibility, participating locations and schedule your appointment online.

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