In late April of 1907, an exciting new addition to the Liberty Amusement Park on Goguac Lake in Battle Creek was completed. A roller coaster, built at a cost of $10,000, was put in at the northern tip of the lake.

The roller coaster joined other favorites at the amusement park like the Ferris wheel, dance hall, casino and a clubhouse complete with bowling alleys, billiard tables, and a restaurant. The park also had a toboggan run called "chute the chute" where patrons could rent toboggans and take a slide all the way down to the water.

A woman named Dorothy commented on a page about the park at saying the place had a significant role in her family history.

My grandparents met at an amusement park in Battle Creek and married in 1899. My grandfather was there to oversee the construction of a roller coaster - or, so I have been told.

Liberty Amusement Park reportedly closed in 1933 and was believed to have been located pretty much where Willard Beach park is today.


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