The former head of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation has now passed away.

The WKKF says in a release Monday that Dr. Russell Mawby died October 20 at the age of 89. Mawby was brought on as CEO and Chair of the Board at the Foundation in 1970, and served in those capacities until 1995; he stayed on the board until 2000. Under Mawby’s guidance, the Kellogg Foundation became a leader in philanthropy across America, supporting causes from education to health care, to helping local communities develop their own community foundations.

The foundation also became committed to Battle Creek during that time; under his guidance, the WKKF made their headquarters downtown Battle Creek in 1991.

Current Kellogg Foundation CEO La June Montgomery Tabron says in a release that “he was an incredible visionary to build the fields of leadership and philanthropy that exist today”, and called him a “mentor” that helped her discover her calling for philanthropy.

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